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joi, 9 ianuarie 2020

Our Project on the Radio...

"Last Tuesday I did an interview about the Careers Explorers project on the radio in my city. And, next Tuesday the same interview will be broadcast on the radio of my Autonomous Community, the Balearic Islands.

During the session, I explained what the Youth Exchange is. And then explain what our project was based on, what kind of work we did during the week, what solutions we found against youth unemployment, what kind of workshops we did, for example the simulation of a job interview. 

Finally, I explained what I take from this experience at a personal level."

[Check the radio transmission here!]

by Caterina (Spain)

vineri, 20 decembrie 2019

Participant's feed-back: The Interview

At the end of the 9 days of activities, an evaluation session was organized in the form of an interview, so a participant played the role of moderator / reporter and asked a set of questions to the interviewees (participants in the youth exchange who wished to offer a “formal” feedback). We chose to interview only the participants eager to share the experiences and impressions resulting from this mobility in order to obtain a feed-back as objective as possible:

joi, 19 decembrie 2019

Fighting against youth unemployment

For these activities our task was to brainstorm to make a short video about "Fighting against youth unemployment".
Divided in 6 groups, we wrote a script for our masterpieces, pointing out the problems and more importantly: the solutions. We had our supporting leaders of the team, helping us with editing, filming and so on.
To sum up, we were very fascinated and surprised with the outcome - creative content, representing our beliefs, consciousness and initiation.

Based on scripts, written the day before, our "actors" depicted the idea of youth unemployment.
Seeing the effort, each team put into their costumes and backgrounds, only further motivated the others. Undoubtedly the results are great with less than 4 hours of shooting. A big part of the credit should also go to the editors, which turned our raw material, which can be seen below, into the final project, which viewers can enjoy.

Our video’s aim was to raise awareness about youth unemployment and fighting against youth unemployment. We try to show our solutions about youth unemployment in our videos.🎥
All these groups has different point of view to show their solutions.

miercuri, 18 decembrie 2019

Applying for a job!

Today we had the task to try a role play about a mock job interview.

With our CVs and Cover letters readeeyyy with the job position we desired: English Teacher, Project Manager in NGO, Project Manager in Accounting company, Programmer, Translator and Physics Teacher... we were wondering and contemplating what are we going to do now.
6 volunteers were asked to be our interviewers (Berke, Chan, Tomi, Mary, Sharon and Jacek) and we had to simulate an interview, as it is the procedure:
▶️Dressing up
▶️Presenting ourselves in a proper way
▶️Additional preparation with questions to ask
▶️Research about the positions
Our facitiators greeted us, invited us to come in and kindly asked us to have a numer and wait in a queue for the interview. And there were our interviewers waiting for us. For some of us it was an experience we have neved had, for some stressful situation...because of the bizzare questions our bosses asked us, but in the end we all did wonderful.

Mary: “I played as an interviewer and I thought that it was cool to try once to be a member of the HR department. Thanks to this role play I had the opportunity to understand what a HR member expects and how you should act during an interview, what you should and what you shouldn’t do.” Michele, as an interviewee, took the job interview and managed to get the job as a translator. He had troubles to pretend not to know Mary at all, but everything was OK.

luni, 16 decembrie 2019

Secret Santa

"With the approaching holidays, before even the project starts we dicede that it would be so nice if we bring with us a little present from our country for someone here, just becouse Christmas is coming!!
At the evening of day 5 we have our "Secret Santa" event. No one knows what present would recive, and there was no chance for anyone to receive a gift from his nationality friends, so at the end every one get a gift from a different nationality. It was really funny, amazing and its only one time in a life to exchange presents with exactly with this people!"

"When it comes to Erasmus+ during late December, the Secret Santa is everyone's favourite activity. The preparation of the gift and the receiving both bring equal amounts of joy.
Amongst the presents one could find national sweets, flutes, souvenirs and much, much more. As different were the gifts, so were the reactions from surprise to pure joy.
Special thank you to the romanian team, which developed a special system, so no one gets a gift from their national team. An original idea, that worked wonders!
Thank you for the wonderful experience!"

duminică, 15 decembrie 2019

Looking for a job

In this session we were given the task to present the status of the labour market for young people in our country, more specificaly the interest of employers and employees, online and offline soucres for finding a job and the skills and competences that companies are looking for in youngsters.
Each country had its time to present the best way thoroughly the information we already have pepared for homework. 📚

On balance:

Romania - most prefered job positions are in fast food chain restaurants such as McDonald's and KFC, also youngsters can take advantage of partialy volunteering in the army and receive income for their tribute👨‍✈️.

Turkey - 6 months mandatory military service for young adults, but universities are better and more preferable option, progressive tax, turkish people rock 🎓.

Italy - minimum wage ~1100euro, big difference between North and South, various opportunities for interns, brain migrarion🍕.

Spain - differenent regions offer various possibilities for interships with flexible payment acording to the location; + seasonal jobs.

Bulgaria - well-paid jobs are sales assistant and working in call centre; you can make a living from the tips you receive as a waiter, maternity leave - best in Europe💸.

Poland - Poooooland, they have different type of employment contracts and diverse tax policy, if you are under 26, you don't pay taxes. 

Woooo 🎉
We did such a great job! 😊

sâmbătă, 14 decembrie 2019

Pottery Workshop

"Today we went to visit Olari village, and the first impression that it makes me wore "there's ceramic plates everywhere", i asked myself "why..??" It turned out that place was known as Horezu's Pottery village.
We met guy called Mihail Bascu one of the best pottery craftsman there, he present us the history of that village. It also turned's out that this place it's actually included in the UNESCO HERITAGE! He showed us how to do pottery explaining us everything from the shape to the simbols painted in it. Mihail also showed us some of the simbols, like the rooster, tree of life, or the spider web.
After that he let everyone who wanted to make it's own ceramic plate, and it was really interesting especially for me, because i see this for first time!"
by Nikolai (Bulgaria)

"Today we had a pottery workshop. We went to the village called "Olari". We visit Mihai Bascu a true "Constantin Brâncuși" of ceramics. He presented us the history of Horezu Pottery, the only one pottery from Romania that is included in the UNESCO Heritage.
Also, he told us that every material and instrument is natural.
The main symbols of Horezu Pottery are: the Horezu rooster, the peacock feather, the sun, the fish and the snake are also secondary symbols.
In the second part of our workshop, the master Mihai Bascu showed each of us how to make our own plate of ceramics. We had a lot of fun doing it!"
by Alex (Romania)

Our Project on the Radio...

"Last Tuesday I did an interview about the Careers Explorers project on the radio in my city. And, next Tuesday the same interview wi...